Our real estate story started years before creating Blue Axis. Beginning as successful landlords, we understand every aspect of real estate investing. This includes the extensive knowledge of how to maximize a property’s potential, selecting the best contractors and maintenance providers and negotiating the best price to yield the best results.

In addition to comprehensive maintenance services, Blue Axis is very tenant-focused for one simple reason: they are the core to successful investing. By selecting quality tenants and providing exceptional housing we create a prosperous situation. We are very hands-on and listen to our tenant’s needs, understanding that they are an integral part to success in real estate, all while striving to strike the balance of tenants’ needs and maximizing your investment.

At Blue Axis, we pride ourselves on being a smaller management agency, which provides us the wonderful opportunity to get to know our owners, tenants, units and properties much closer than larger agencies are able to, which creates our successful revolution in real estate. That’s the Blue Axis Revolution.